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Oakham and Quarry Lane

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Please use these maps to plan your visits to the reserves.

These maps are interactive, so you can see the route, see the distance, change the map, zoom in/out and much more. Have fun.


A small introductory walk to Quarry Lane reserve taking you along the river to the "scrape", our wildlife pond.

Do watch out for that splash of blue, or orange, as the kingfisher flies by.

Then crossing the road, past the allotments, so can then traverse the amazing Viaduct. Great views of the reserve.

Then back through the wood, over the river again, past a meadow towards Field Mill pond.

Finishing with a high view over the pond, if it's sunny you should be able to see some of the fish.


A similar walk but longer than the first one.

This takes you beyond Quarry Lane and into Oakham.

Oakham is a meadow surrounded by young woods, watch out for Green Woodpeckers.

Meadow is great in any season but do also visit in June for the Orchid show.


For the more adventurous a much longer 4.5 mile walk to King Mill reservoir.

Small café often open, also parking if you want to use Kings Mill as the starting point.

Using different paths on the return journey.


An alternative starting point for this walk gives you some alternative views of the reserves.

Watch out for the Grey Wagtail along the river, also have break at the picnic site by Field Mill before crossing Sarah's bridge and completing the walk via the secret path back to Matlock Avenue.


Again an alternative starting point taking in all 3 reserves.

Do mix and match these walks, there lots of routes to take depending how long you have.

Do also visit Titchfield Park where there are more facilities.